Marketplace “zero-level” core for ensuring direct and collocal trading

A full cycle machine designated to implement regulated stock trading marketplace.

What it is


The project is done for a large European holding. The details aren’t subject to disclosure, which is strictly regulated by an NDA signed by our company. We always fully respect our obligations, which is why we can’t provide any details about the job, the look and the architecture except what you can see on this page.

At this time, the project works have been completed, and the set have been successfully handed over to the client.

What we implemented

Key features

Low-level system tuning

We fully substituted system network stack with our own one in order to allow data transfer at a rates above 7 Gbps.

Built-in strategy language

DSL built into the system allows to write a simple human-readable code with a low threshold of entry for creation of robotized strategies of High Frequency Trading (HFT).

Application programming interface

An API was developed to connect third-party interfaces and trading terminals, and also adherence to the API specification has been completed for the purpose of connecting popular terminals and protocols.