How will our partnership develop?

Work Roadmap

1. Customer order

First of all, contact us in order to provide us minimal needed details about your project. Then we deeply analyze your project absolutely free of any charge in 1 business day. As a result, we provide an official conclusion about development resources. We may ask for additional project details and elaborations if needed as we must consider all the initial data in order to completely and clearly understand your challenge and provide you a perfect service. Depending on given task particular qualities, it may be developed under one of two possible project managemenet models.

"Waterfall" Cascade Model

Requirements & Data  Design  Implementation  Run & Maintenance

This model has it's own pros and cons:

  •  fixed development cost;
  •  absolutely predictive result;
  •  easy quality assurance;
  •  suitable for well-designed and well-formalized domain-logic, systems with complete information;
  •  very expensive or even impossible technical-architectural changing requirements during implementation stage;
  •  totally not suitable for tasks with scientific or technical novelty.

"Agile" Iterative Model

Requirements/Refinements  Development  Test & Evaluation 

Given model also has it's pros and cons:

  •  perfectly fits tasks with scientific or technical novelty;
  •  suitable for concept proving and prototyping;
  •  relatively easy changing technical-architectural requirements between and even within the cycles;
  •  early and continuous delivery of valuable software;
  •  inability to prognose development costs further than 1-3 cycles;
  •  more complex quality assurance.

2. Signing a contract

We always include in the contract every single detail about technical-architectural core specifications as well as full handover test schedule and programs in order to provide you a better and more transparent customer service.

3. Developing your product

Intermediate results and versions are always available to you in your account given after signing the contract. In case of long-term development contracts we practice intermediate handover tests in order to provide more development process transparency and overall customer confidence.

4. Production deployment

After successfull handover tests our staff will deploy and setup your product as well as train operators and administrators to work with the developed system according to your needs.

5. We deliver your completely ready and running product

While maintaining and supporting your product according to warranty contract obligations.