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High objectives

Primary fields of activity

Cloud- and Server Systems

Client-server systems, websites and architectures with increased capacity as well as consistency and big data security requirements.

Big Data

Development of storage structures and access to data, the large amount of which does not allow for usage of general mechanisms, as well as parallel algorithms of its processing.

Computer Vision

Software systems of detection, recognition and tracing of objects on incoming photo or video streams. Movement detection and objects trajectory and telemetry induction.

Future and Progress

Blockchain, data streams processing, neural nets and evolutionary algorithms, multiparametric optimization challenges, progressive data structures and algorithms for their processing.


Systems of infrastructure management, technical support and plant equipment. Creation of specific high-level management languages and employee training.


Taking the lead on various roles of organizations’ and factories’ IT departments for the purpose of increased efficiency of the organization’s work in general as well as lowering the relevant costs.

In the duration of our experience of over ten years in creation of client-server systems, we understood what an optimal software structure of any service looks like, what it’s composed of and how its subsystems cooperate for the best result. By multiplying this information by the knowledge of the needs of our products’ large consumers, we have developed our own Enterprise-level platform for creating software solution which allows for shortening exponentially the time of creation of each new service or website from scratch, and at the same time also substantially lower the final cost. Our platform can be used to create products of any technological level.

About some interesting cases

Why us

Unique features

Quality Control

At all stages of development, we conduct our own QA control as well as interim handover tests together with the client.


We don’t have unnecessary people in our company, nobody plays on broken phones or creates artificial delays. Working with us is simple and transparent.

Reasonable prices

We can explain every dollar of our prices. Our prices are dictated solely by the market of similar services of resource- and research intensity.

Respect to the Contract

We always comply with the agreed terms 100% and bear responsibility for our results.

Nothing extra

The company’s optimal structure and internal cooperation allow to include in the cost the development and research only.

Speed of development

The internal platform solutions package allows to solve any challenges in the shortest time possible.

Team heads

Meet us

Ivan Razuvaev

Founder, CEO,
Leading System Architect

Yuri Sleptsov

Projects Manager

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