Private CPA/CPL/Rebill-tracker of ultimate high capacity with loseless data storage and extended incoming data routing options.

What it is


The tracker is intended for web marketing specialists for tracing the effectiveness of ad traffic, as well as for flexible configuration and routing of incoming stream of attractive advertising offers. Our data tracker ensures privacy, concealment of incoming/outgoing nodes, high capacity of up to 40 000 new incoming connections per second per node.

Progressive big data storage structures are used for ensuring swift and timely access to the collected data, which allows for offering users automated systems of traffic management on the basis of multi-parameter optimization algorithms.

Our product is devoid of the faults of most alternatives, such as slow interface, incoming data loss and incorrect detection of various income stream traffic parameters. Moreover, we can offer a longer user data storage term and a lower collection and storage price.

Full system composition

Key features

Edge performance

Up to 40 000 new connections per second. This allows to substantially lower the hardware expenses thanks to reduction in the number of servers required and reduction of the general possibility of emergency situations.


This system realizes the entire domain logic of work with end clients, including the generation of primary documentation and system of service usage statistics collection.

Flexible pricing

In order to satisfy the needs of each client, we’ve developed a flexible system of favorable pricing, which depends on the used resource intensity of hardware and nonetheless allows to increase the tariff limits on the post-payment basis.

Traffic routing

Incoming traffic can be processed separately in accordance with the rules set by the client on the basis of any of its characteristics, ranging from geographical (IP address, user system’s language, etc.) and device-oriented (type and model of devoice, detailed hardware and software characteristics) to temporal (time of day, day of the week, etc.) and exterior (accessibility of various exit points, faulty states of third-party receivers of the data coming out of the tracker).

Ultimate support

Our specialists provide technical support of the system’s client, timely solve all the problems and faults.


All clients have a maximum possible timely access to their own data and their analytical means by way of a convenient web interface. They can also export their data for third-party processing at any time.