Cloud-based platform of engeneering calculations of heating networks

A high-level framework that includes the language of engineering calculations and a cloud platform, intended for facilitation and acceleration of works by designated companies related to modernization and assessment of effectiveness of heating networks of any scale.

What it is


The project is commissioned by a large player on the market of engineering calculations of heating networks. The purpose of the platform is a significant reduction of resource intensity of brand new tasks, facilitation of presentation capacities by way of cloud access, involvement of modern algorithms of multiparametric optimization for creation of the most effective solution, while at the same time increasing the quality and precision of the final product by means of the fundamental reduction of human factor’s influence and the general automatization of the work process.

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What's already done

Key features

Cloud-based service

A single service can unite several contractors and clients at once, organizing the tasks between them and at the same time, regulator the rights of access to the benchmark data as well as the generated reports about the calculations that have already been performed.

Engineering calculations language

A specially designed language built into the system allows to write a simple human-readable code with a low threshold of entry for quick and effective writing of algorithms of calculations in accordance with the benchmark data on hand.

Data export

The results of the calculation completed on the platform can be inserted into the templates of final reports in the PDF, Microsoft Word formats, and also in the OpenOffice format.