Orlando C.A.S.C.A.D.E is a platform developed internally within the company, which allows to create solutions of any complexity within the shortest timeframes possible, because it includes plug-in and flexible architecture of construction of resource-filled applications as well as blocks for building complex interactive stream-oriented interfaces.

Platform-based products

Site-Access Control Systems

Access control systems can include joint control of the passes mode by way of electronic access devices (smart cards, keys) as well as by way of facial recognition or identification markings of vehicles used by the persons. This product ensures additional security and site control, at the same time lowering the costs and human factor’s influence.

Production automatization and optimization systems

Such systems are perfect for production and work processes automatization, they significantly reduce resource intensity of such tasks for the end organization, as well as allow to perform multi-parameter optimization of processes in order to locate the optimum characteristics of the sites and processes serving as a base.

Data collection and analysis systems

This product implies the existence of an intensive stream of incoming data from various detectors, sensors, cameras, network appliances, etc., which must be stored, structured, analyzed and provided in the form of a summary in various reports and briefs with a given level of precision.

Systems of engineering and scientific calculations, Computer-aided design

This product implies the usage of built-in languages of engineering estimations for calculating the sites’ parameters, frameworks’ parameters, infrastructures’ parameters, as well as work and technological processes from the benchmark data by way of usage of multi-parameter optimization in order to locate the best range of parameters of the sites to be examined.

Commercial web-services

This product implements any domain logic of entities applicable for online usage for offering various commercial services to the end users. Excludes creation of purely informational websites.

Information security systems

This product includes a deep analysis of the network’s traffic to find transfers of forbidden or confidential information, tracing connections within the network, control of compliance with the rules of usage of data resources on site.


Unique advantages


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Flexibility and modularity

The platform includes all the necessary plug-ins for a fast assembly of the most complex applications including, in addition to background receiving, sorting and storage processes, complex interfaces and control remotes with access to the data in real time. Moreover, all the “bricks” of the platform are assembled in a custom manner required in each specific case.

Regular updates and support

Any product assembled on our platform is automatically eligible for tech support and the possibility of updates of the platform component absolutely free of charge, for ensuring maximum capacity and security of the entire solution. The centralized updates increase the general reliability of specific plug-ins thanks to the expanded debugging base.

Universal application

Our operation would be perfect for any commercial solution for a business of any size, ranging from a simple website with a user base to a serious engineering unit involving complex mechanism of man-machine co-operation.


Each system built upon our platform can easily be vertically or horizontally scaled. The platform is ready to solve any challenges of the resource intension.



Cloud access

The platform contains everything to ensure multi-user cloud access of any intensity to the data, with a division of rights of access by groups as well as by single users.

Scientific calculations

Plaftorm is ready for high-load background scientific asynchronous DSL-driven calculations.

Computer vision

Means for detection, location, recognition and tracing of images on incoming photo- or video-steam shot at any spectral range.

User management

The plug-in of user management allows to automate all the work related to primary documentation and user relationships.

Resource management

The platform contains all the necessary means for managing any entities and database resources.

Data input

Platform supports data of an type input at the rates of up to 10 Gbps.


Consistent billing can be integrated with any domain logic, be it advance payment, post-performance payment, subscriptions, etc.


Integration can be carried out with the service on the basis of the platform as well as with the third-party resources by way of interface of applied programming.

Data output

Extraction of information obtained by any means inside the service on the basis of the platform can be done in any electronic format.

Commercial efficiency

Our platform will perfectly fit:

Any organizations whose working processes require building a complex human-machine collaboration or web services with a complex business logic necessary for their activities.
Manufacturing companies and organizations for automatization and optimization of production and work processes for the purpose of reducing the influence of the human factor, increase of the general quality of products as well as for lowering damages, flawed product approaches and costs.
Organizations working in the field of engineering whose activities include periodical calculations of engineering sites for the purpose of optimization and modernization. The platform would allow to substantially reduce the temporary expenses as well as the human resources expenses within this area, at the same time generally increasing the precision and stability of calculations and formalizing their results.
Any organizations involving work processes that require a significant amount of human time, or constant human control. Automatization and robotization of these processes would allow to substantially optimize the relevant economic costs.