Grand Plaisir

Development of a brand’s style and a website with an expanded domain logic for a discount and promotion services project.

What we implemented

Key features

Online registration of users as well as partners.

All the document flow is organized online, from the introduction of legally significant details to formation of primary documents, such as contracts, invoices and acts. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is created for the service.

Offers management system

We created an offer editor with the possibility of creation and editing promotions directly by their initiator with their subsequent moderation by the efforts of service administration representatives.

Automated media-files preparation

A system of preparation and moderation of advertising media files for compliance with the service’s quality requirements for the best products and services display for the eyes of the end user.

Brandbook and styleguide

A full style guide was created for the services, including offline elements styles used in physical events. A website and a mobile app were created on the basis of a brand book.

Mobile application

The mobile app is created for two popular mobile systems: IOS and Android. Fully integrated with web-service, well-styled application supports social media integration and geolocation-based invites.

How it looks

Element design

Main catalog page design.

Offer page design

Mobile apps