The hardware and software system for managing adverts on the basis of an online auction on digital screens, including a franchise, a partners’ program and development of a website with an expanded domain logic.

What we implemented

Key features

Online registration of users including legal persons.

All the document flow is organized online, from the introduction of legally significant details to formation of the primary documents, such as contracts, invoices, acts and completion certificates. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is created for the service.

Merchant account integration

Full integration with a client-chosen provider of online payments is completed. A sub-system of financial reporting with automatic formation of primary reports is created.

Media flow

System of creation and moderation of advertising media files. Moderation of advertising materials, depending on the location of digital screen, can be double-sided, with the involvement of lessor’s moderators for the purpose of ensuring compliance of the advertising materials with the local policy.

Full control and customization

The client has the opportunity to target their adverts in accordance with the time and the day of the week. In addition, they can manipulate the price within any hour, which allows for optimized usage of the advertising budget thanks to the participation in the online auction (RTB).

Highest level of automation

The hardware and software supplied by us provide for the highest level of automatization: fully automated formation of advertising rotation, support for flexible settings of the advertising platform’s running time, protection against power cut-off.

How it looks

Landing pages

Landing page for advertisers

Interactive landing page for affiliate partners (income calculator).

Interactive landing page for franchisee (income calculator).

That's not all!

Full components of the set


In order to satisfy the client’s demands, the videostands have been modified by our company. Specifically, the compact on-board computers, video surveillance cameras, uninterrupted power supply as well as a connection system, have been integrated.


This system implements the entire domain logic of working with advertisers and lessors of digital screen sites, including automatic generation of primary documentation for the maximum facilitation of the work.

Effectiveness analysis system

It’s difficult to test the effectiveness of offline adverts, but we’ve managed to manifest and implement a system of face recognition and tracing, which allows to evaluate the quantity of quality of real views of advertising materials by the passersby with sufficient precision.

Real Time Bidding

The amount of showings of each advertising material per the next hour is determined right before the start of that hour on the basis of stakes issued by the advertisers. The materials with the highest rates receive more showings and vice versa.

24/7 Support

Our specialists provide technical support to the client’s employees and also train the client’s employees to provide customer support to the end users – the set’s advertisers.

Financial system / Billing

The system guarantees the security of the funds transferred to a user’s account, as well as the consistency of the transactions and the state of the client accounts in order to prevent withdrawals made in error or alternatively, shortfalls in the income of the set’s client.